Tartan Digital: We help build SALES FUNNELS to make you MONEY

A typical business makes 440% more money with our sales funnels

How quickly could you quadruple your  income?

A funnel automatically converts potential customers into PAYING customers.

A properly designed sales funnel can be guaranteed to multiply your business income 5x, 10x, or even 20x.
It’s like the world’s best sales agent working 24-7, never taking breaks, never getting tired and always on their A-game…

We work exclusively with Clickfunnels to create highly effective websites that will convert visitors to customers no matter what industry you’re in.

If you sell products or services, retail or B2B there’s a scientifically proven high-converting sales funnel that will fit 100%


Whatever your need, we have a rigorously tested solution that’s guaranteed to perform.


Hundreds of tested templates – proven through billions in sales

150,000+ Entrepreneurs

Over 160 Million Leads Generated



Start Selling FAST – Create New Funnels in MINUTES

Working with our websites is simplicity itself.

If you can click a mouse and use a keyboard you can edit your sales funnels, add e-mail sequences, create product up-sells, down-sells and automate product delivery with ease.

Running webinars, hosting tutorials, teaching courses or managing memberships is a piece of cake thanks to a host of market-leading functions.

Functions designed solely to make you money.




It’s hard to believe how simple yet powerful this funnel creator is – without trying it – so please try it on us!




From Template to Selling Machine

Tartan Digital will help you move from an already powerful templated funnel to a fully custom tailored solution – one designed from the ground up to win you business.

We’ve worked with 100s of businesses, from sole proprietors to some of digital marketing’s biggest names.

We’ve helped launch sites that have sold over $1m of products in their first week – but we’re as happy helping a therapist find more clients or a gardener more weedy lawns.

If you sell, we can help you sell more.   MUCH MORE


 Information Products
 Professional Services
 Retail (Selling to Consumers)
 Network Marketing
 Business To Business

RichJerk.com: From Zero to $1M in a Week


We’d previously rebranded Kelly Felix’s popular BringTheFresh.com so were really excited when he asked us to relaunch the iconic and controversial RichJerk.com

From designing and building pre-launch pages and affiliate/JV resources to the creation of multiple complex landing pages, funnel pages and a massive membership area we brought the project in under budget and on time for it’s big relaunch.

In a crowded super-competitive market, the funnel converted far beyond expectations and brought in over $1m business in it’s launch week.

You guys have come through time and time again… It’s very rare I give a testimonial for anybody for anything but in this case I feel it is well well deserved. You guys are basically my go-to source for sales letters


We can handle any aspect of your marketing or sales funnel construction from initial ideas and mock-ups to branding, graphic design and sales copywriting – even development of your product.



Why do we only use ClickFunnels software?

We’ve been crafting profitable websites for clients for 15 years, having built hundreds of websites using everything from hand-coded HTML, WordPress and Joomla to e-commerce solutions like WooCommerce and Shopify.  Each system has SERIOUS issues.

Nothing, and that’s absolutely NOTHING comes even close to the out-of-the-box ease and power of a ClickFunnels site.

In fact when we build a ClickFunnels site for clients like you, we always hear that it’s a joy to use, expand or update – even with ZERO technical skills.

We now recommend clients open a free ClickFunnels account before we start to work with them so they can experience it’s full potential first-hand.

Sure we’ve lost more than a few customers who’ve found the easy drag-and-drop system so simple to use that they no longer need us!

But for many there’s this realisation that with a building process simplified to such a degree, we can concentrate on what really matters…


What REALLY matters is building our clients a strong sales message and irresistible offer.



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