Why ClickFunnels?

Why Do We Love Using ClickFunnels?

We’ve build 100s of websites in our 16 years of trading, using everything from HTML to popular Content Management Systems like WordPress.

And in every case – without fail – there were major problems baked into these systems.

Sites needed continuous security updates, could be difficult to edit, simple to hack and were ALWAYS easy for clients to break.

It was an uphill struggle – and there were times we simply hated our job

Something HAD to change…




Our first trial of ClickFunnels was on a small client project following a passionate recommendation from a trusted friend.

After setting our free account live, we were immediately blown away by the system’s combination of power and simplicity – the ability to rapidly roll out test pages for conversion optimisation was priceless.

Suddenly tasks that would have taken 20-30 hours of custom coding or had us pulling our hair trying to get WordPress plugins to play nicely, took minutes.

As we worked we saw opportunities for funnels in EVERY business – and as we played with the system and saw some impressive test results we KNEW the future of our client’s businesses had to be on the ClickFunnels platform.

No more separate autoresponder for emails, no more servers or hosting accounts to worry about – no hotch-potch of third-party services that always leave a site vulnerable to outages.

Just super-smooth drag-and-drop site editing coupled to state-of the art email software, and all running on ultra-fast servers.

We went from having to reinvent the wheel for every single project, to complete certainty that if we had an idea for a funnel, we could build it in minutes using ClickFunnels’ impressive library of funnel modules.

Suddenly we were able to concentrate all of our time and effort on tasks that would directly add to our client’s bottom line, rather than wasting hours, days or weeks on grunt-work, fixing servers and repairing WordPress installs.

Now Clickfunnels is the first thing we reach for when starting a new job – from prototyping to a finished site it does everything…

The difference ClickFunnel’s has made in our work can’t be measured!




Why don’t we recommend WordPress? Isn’t it easy? And free?

Truth is we do still work on a number of existing client sites powered by WordPress and some of our biggest in-house websites use WordPress – but we’re finding with each update the system becomes more and more complex and with that, less and less stable.

In fact barely an update goes by now where at least one critical plugin just stops working – and the website breaks.

And it seems every time you log into your WordPress site it needs several updates. Sadly hitting update has become a gamble where the odds are stacked against you.

As for site safety, the security WordPress ships with is so terrible that you’ll need 2 or 3 heavy-duty plugins just to stop bots and hackers from ruining all your hard work.

Pages break, databases corrupt, and as WordPress tries to be “all things to all men” it becomes worse at everything.

If you want a personal blog, or a simple brochure site, fine.

But if you want an effective marketing machine running 24-7, you need to have a look at using ClickFunnels.

And if you want landing pages for paid ads? ClickFunnels every time.


I already have a website. Why do I need ClickFunnels?

We hate to say this but your site IS failing you.

No matter how you get that traffic, be it SEO, Pay Per Click or social media, chances are high, you’re throwing away money.

no clickfunnels - no moneyA visitor comes to your website and has a look around. They may click on a few things, visit a few pages – and then typically they’ll go. After all very few people buy anything on a first visit

As soon as they’re gone, that’s them gone for good.

Can you remember the exact name of a site you visited last Tuesday? You know that one that sold those whatsits? No?

Neither can your potential customers.

They’ll probably do another search. And most likely find another website. One that does a better job selling them on your product.

A well designed funnel can PREVENT THIS HAPPENING.


ClickFunnels modules are ALL well-designed, fully optimised and battle tested

They build trust, build relationships and add value

When your prospect is ready to buy – they WILL buy from YOU


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